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ImageRights for Law Firms Pricing & Promo

ImageRights for Law Firms is offering every IP attorney 5 client accounts free for 2 months!*

Why are we offering free client accounts? We want you to see how easy it is to earn more revenue, generate new IP clients and offer new services by using ImageRights for Law Firms to find copyright infringements and counterfeits. Our visual AI finds infringements and counterfeits, then you pursue them on behalf of your clients and split the settlements and awards with your clients per your terms. There is no cost for two months for the first 200 law firms and corporate counsel that sign up. 

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Each account includes the following features. 

  • Sixty-day free trial for up to five clients for each attorney.

  • 24/7 global image search for all client images. We collect, process, analyze and match 8 million images per day,

  • Automated time-stamped screenshots with server IP information for the infringing uses.

  • A case folder for every infringement that includes: The client image, the infringing images are found in our provided screenshots, the URL where the sighting is found, the date the image match was found, the image file name, the URL's where the images are store and displayed, your client's contact information, the infringers information if in our extensive database and the screenshots mentioned above. Case folders are downloadable and sharable. 

  • Training is always free for every firm, attorney and staff member, as often as needed.


2 Free Months, up to 5 Client Accounts per Attorney*. After your free trial accounts expire, our prices are based on how many images you have per client in our system*. At the end of the trial period, client accounts are offered on an annual basis, paid monthly or receive a 5% discount when paid annually. 


1.  $195 per month for a client account with up to 250 images*

2.  $395 per month for a client account with up to 1,000 images*

3.  $595 per month for a client account with up to 10,000 images*

* Each client account is limited to a single copyright owner. As an example, your photographer client John Snapshot is one copyright holder requiring one client account. If you represent a photo agency that has thirty photographers, each photographer is considered a copyright holder, so you would need thirty client accounts. Free trial accounts are limited to five client accounts per attorney (e.g. if 10 attorneys from your law firm sign on to your firm’s ImageRights for Law Firm account, then your firm can register up to 50 free clients account under the terms of this promo). Offer is for the first 200 law firms only. Terms and conditions apply. Prices based on annual commitment.


Boston Office (Headquarters)
ImageRights International, Inc.
Ten Post Office Square
Suite 800 South
Boston, MA 02109
+1 (617) 766-5152

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