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  • What does ImageRights for Law Firms do for law firms?
    We are an image search and evidence acquisition platform for IP law firms and in-house counsel. How we find copyright infringements ImageRights for Law Firms is specifically designed to find actionable copyright infringements. You upload your clients' images, and we find where they are being used. Our platform automatically sorts sightings by value, acquires evidence and compiles critical case information for you, minimizing the time you spend on case preparation and accelerating the timeline from claim identification to initiating action. ImageRights for Law Firms also identifies counterfeit and grey market products.   Grow your IP practice Grow your practice with ImageRights for Law Firms, whether by protecting your clients' copyrighted visual works from infringers or your clients' products from counterfeiters. Our transformational technology allows you to monitor your clients' IP and quickly pursue newly found IP claims. The result is loyal clients and increased revenue for your firm, all for one low flat monthly fee per client. We are an effective and affordable solution you can use to recruit new clients and business. How we find counterfeits and grey market products We find your clients' counterfeited products using our proprietary image recognition & matching technology. We will find your clients' product images even if they have been embedded into ads or other types of promotions. Most counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers steal and use your clients' original, professionally photographed product shots and use them to sell fake or unauthorized products online. Our system finds where and how your clients' product images are being used, giving you a forensic audit of resellers and copycats of your clients' products. These findings are delivered to your inbox for client review. If you already know of a company selling your clients' products, whether counterfeit or unauthorized, we can do a special crawl of their web site(s) to find all of their uses and provide time and date stamped evidence of these uses. This allows you to pursue them on two fronts: for selling counterfeit products and for copyright violations via image use. Our crawlers are running 24/7 so we are constantly finding image uses. When you find out where your clients' images are being used, you find out who is selling their products. It's a great way to find sellers of counterfeits and it's a great way to audit authorized resellers.
  • Can I try your services before I commit to buy them?
    Yes, at this time we are offering a free 60 day trial so you can see how well our system works and how easy it is to use before you commit to using it.
  • Do you offer a video demonstration of your services online?
    Yes, you may view our online demo at the link below. "How It Works: ImageRights for Law Firms, Helping Lawyers Protect Clients’ Copyrights." by Bob Ambrogi at LawNext.
  • What's my return on investment (ROI)?
    Our annual services plans can pay for themselves with just one copyright settlement per year. Law firms that have used our services have had an average copyright settlement of $14,396 per case. If you have a client with our Pro plan, up to 10,000 images being monitored and you settle only one claim per year at $14,396, and you split the settlement with your client 50/50, then your firm will earn $7,198 for that one settlement. Your firm will have paid for an entire years worth of image monitoring and evidence packages for up to 10,000 client images with just one settlement of this size. Everything beyond that costs you nothing more in ImageRights fees.
  • Are there any third party reviews of your services available to read?
    Yes, we have third party reviews of our services online at the links below. 1. ABA Journal: "New legal tech aims to bolster IP law firms' copyright infringement claims" by Matt Reynolds 2. "Copyright Protection Company Enters Legal Tech Market..." by Bob Ambrogi of LawSites/Lawnext
  • Can ImageRights find video infringements?
    Our service supports finding video infringements but not by reviewing entire videos. Here's how it works. Your clients upload the still photos that represent each of their videos. As an example, every video is represented online by the opening image, the first still image in the video or the image your client has chosen to represent the video. Most infringers, those who would steal the videos, will use each video just as it is, without changing the opening still image. And that's how we find infringements of videos.
  • Tell me more about your technology
    At ImageRights, we have been growing our massive proprietary infrastructure for over a decade and we never stop. We are the oldest and largest company in our field and our stats confirm how robust our systems are. We run more than 1,850 image web crawlers simultaneously, 24/7, globally. We gather, process and analyze more than 8 million images every day (more than 3 billion annually) identifiying an average of 288,000 client image matches per day, every day. We find 35 million instances of our client's images being used online annually. To make this all manageable, we filter and rank the sightings for you by projected claim value. We have more than 22 million client images in our system. We have registered more than 1.2 million images with the United States Copyright Office on behalf of our clients. Our systems process and analyze more than 35 million gigabytes (35,000 terabytes) of data annually and we offer enterprise level scalability.
  • What new services will you be adding to ImageRights in 2023?
    We will be adding several new services in 2023, they include: Self-Made Screenshots - The ability for you to use our screenshot tool to create your own screenshots of any website page(s). Special Website Crawls - We will complete special crawls of websites that you request. We crawl the entire site and gather, process, analyze and match every image on that site against your client's images and generate a report. For most websites we will crawl the entire site for $100. If the site is extremely large or has crawling blockers on it, then there would be addtional fees that we will quote up-front. Special crawls can take about a week but are often completed faster. US Copyright Registrations - You will soon be able to register your client's images with the US Copyright Office within our simplified, easy-to-use site. We have registered more than 1 million images on behalf of clients to-date.


Boston Office (Headquarters)
ImageRights International, Inc.
Ten Post Office Square
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Boston, MA 02109
+1 (617) 766-5152

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