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Finding Counterfeits

 We Find Your Clients' Counterfeited Products Using

Our Proprietary Image Recognition & Matching Technology

We find your clients' images even if they have been radically cropped, colors changed or removed, text or image overlays added, or if images have been flipped or added to a collage, product or advertisment.

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How We Find Counterfeits

We will find your clients' product images even if they have been embedded into ads or other types of promotions. Most counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers steal and use your clients' original, professionally photographed product shots and use them to sell fake or unauthorized products online. Our system finds where and how your clients' product images are being used, giving you a forensic audit of resellers and copycats of your clients' products. We will find your clients' product images even if they have been heavily altered such as images flipped, colors changed, or if they are used as part of an advertisement. These findings are delivered to your inbox for client review. If you already know of a company selling your clients' products, whether counterfeit or unauthorized, we can do a special crawl of their web site(s) to find all of their uses and provide time and date stamped evidence of these uses. This allows you to pursue them on multiple fronts: for selling counterfeit products and for trademark and copyright violations via image use. Our crawlers are running 24/7 so we are constantly finding image uses. When you find out where your clients' images are being used, you find out who is selling their products. It's a great way to find sellers of counterfeits and it's a great way to audit authorized resellers. We find 35 million of our client's images being used online annually.






If you have big box retailers as clients, their professionally photographed product shots are often stolen and used by their competitors selling the exact same product. Infringers are stealing your clients images and using them to compete against your client in aggressive online sales wars. We can find who is using your clients' product shots so you can pursue them on behalf of your client. ImageRights for Law Firms is sophisticated brand protection made easy. Plans start at  $195 per month. Qualified firms are eligible to receive a free 60 day trial. 

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Schedule a demo and we'll give you a brief tour and answer any questions or email us with your questions. 

“For more than a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of working with ImageRights in assisting some of the world’s leading photographers and noted rightsholders in protecting their intellectual property,” said John Tehranian, a founding partner at One LLP. “With its team of experienced professionals, unflagging commitment to best practices, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly interface, ImageRights represents the gold standard in the industry. ImageRights for Law Firms gives both in-house and outside counsel the opportunity to draw upon the expertise and proprietary tools of ImageRights for the first time to help ensure their clients’ copyrights are properly protected.”

John Tehranian, a founding partner at One LLP


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ImageRights International, Inc.
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Boston, MA 02109
+1 (617) 766-5152


Proprietary Image Recognition & Matching - What You See When We Match Images

Below is an example of a section of a client's inbox. The left column has the client's original photo. The images to the right of those are the image matches we found during a search. Notice the text overlay on the top image below but we still made the match. On the top line is the business name where we found the image match. To the right are the client's image file name, the date it was discovered, the URL where the image is stored and the URL where the image is displayed. In addtion, we provide you with time and date stamped screenshots as evidence and detailed case reports. 

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