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Imagerights IP is a leading technology company that specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for the intellectual property (IP) industry. Our innovative technology is designed to help protect, manage, and monetize digital images and other media assets, providing unparalleled support to creators, rights holders, and licensors. Through our state-of-the-art platform, we enable users to navigate the complex world of IP management with ease and efficiency.

One of the primary advantages of partnering with Imagerights IP is the opportunity to license their technology. By licensing our comprehensive suite of tools, law firms can enhance their existing services and expand their market reach. Imagerights IP offers a range of licensing options that cater to various needs, including white-label solutions, API integration, and customized development. With the support of Imagerights IP's expert team, global law firms can seamlessly incorporate advanced image protection and licensing technology into their operations, empowering them to meet the ever-evolving needs of their clients in the digital age. By leveraging Imagerights IP's industry-leading solutions, organizations can stay ahead of the competition and secure their position as pioneers in the IP management space.

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IP Technologies That We Offer


Image Search and Discovery. Enterprise scalable image searches in an...

24/7 global image search for all client images. We collect, process, analyze and match 8 million images per day,


Automated time-stamped screenshots with server IP information for the infringing uses.


A case folder for every infringement that includes: The client image, the infringing images are found in our provided screenshots, the URL where the sighting is found, the date the image match was found, the image file name, the URL's where the images are store and displayed, your client's contact information, the infringers information if in our extensive database and the screenshots mentioned above. Case folders are downloadable and sharable. 

ImageRights By The Numbers

  • At ImageRights, we have been growing our massive proprietary infrastructure for over a decade and we never stop. We are the oldest and largest company in our field and our stats confirm how robust our systems are.

  • We run more than 1,850 image web crawlers simultaneously, 24/7, globally.

  • We gather, process and analyze more than 8 million images every day (more than 3 billion annually) identifiying an average of 288,000 client image matches per day, every day. We find 35 million instances of our client's images being used online annually.

  • To make this all manageable, we filter and rank the sightings for you by projected claim value.

  • We have more than 22 million client images in our system.

  • We have registered more than 1.2 million images with the United States Copyright Office on behalf of our clients.

  • Our systems process and analyze more than 35 million gigabytes (35,000 terabytes) of data annually and we offer enterprise level scalability.


Boston Office (Headquarters)
ImageRights International, Inc.
Ten Post Office Square
Suite 800 South
Boston, MA 02109
+1 (617) 766-5152

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